Stones Cup Rules (revised 2017)

1) Entry shall be optional and open to any Club registered in the Rotherham Saturday League. The entry fee is £5 per team; The Winners will receive £100 and the Runners Up £50.

2) Players can only play for their registered clubs, and must have played in at least one league game to play in the preliminary rounds and subsequent rounds and at least four league games to play in the Final.

3) All games shall be played to 21 up and the format will be as a normal cup knock¬out. The first team in each draw will have home advantage for their first game only after which the teams in the top half of each draw will contact their Opponents to determine home advantage using the Lottery Bonus Ball or any other acceptable method. The home team can practice as per Saturday League Rules but must clear the green to allow the away team to have a roll¬up for 15 minutes before the game starts. The away team will take all four jacks except when green¬ sharing teams are drawn together, then they will be shared. The Organiser will allocate neutral greens for the semi-¬finals and final, and Captains will toss up for odd/even jacks.

4) Home teams will be responsible for paying any Green Fees except in the semi-¬finals and final.

5) Games shall be played as doubles only in accordance with BCGBA rules, and comprise four pairs per team. Should preliminary rounds be required, the Captains will agree on a time and date (see Rule 3) on any day before the set deadline but the games must be arranged within ten days of the draw being made, otherwise matches will start at 2.00pm. The Scratch Time will be 30 minutes later as per Saturday League Rules. A minimum of three pairs will be required to constitute a team with the opponents scoring 21-¬0 for the absentees. Two pairs only from each team to be on the green at any time.

6) The team with the highest total score at the end of the match will be the winners. If the total points are the same, then the team with the most wins will win the match. If the total scores and number of winners are the same, each Captains will nominate a pair (before match commences) who have played in the match to play in a second game up to 11. Nominated pairs will toss up for the right to either take or decline the jack. Normal rules shall apply re setting a mark and dead ends etc.

7) The winning team will be responsible for sending the result to the Organiser either by post or email. Results to include team names, players' names, South Yorks numbers, individual game scores, total score, name of venue, green number (where applicable) and signed by both Captains. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in a £1.00 fine for both teams.

8) In the event of the green being unplayable on the day, the game must be re¬arranged and played within 6 days. Should the green become unplayable once the match has started, any completed games will stand and the remaining games shall be started, or re¬started where they left off, on the re¬arranged date with the original players. If a player who had started his/her game is absent from the re¬arranged game then their score will stand and their Opponent(s) will score 21.

9) Any disputes must be sent to the Organiser in writing (or e-mail) before the date of the next round and if necessary be dealt with by the Committee.

10) Any proposals for alterations to these rules must reach the Association Secretary in writing (emails are acceptable) at least 14 days before the AGM.