Midweek Knock-out Cup Rules

1 All teams in the Rotherham Evening League will be entered into the Knock-Out Cup.

2 The draw for the season will be issued at the Fixtures Meeting, with an indication of when the matches for each round should be played by.

3 Neutral greens will be allocated by the Executive Committee for the Semi-Final and Final. All earlier rounds shall be played on the green of the home team. The first team in the pair drawn against each other will be the home team for the First Round. For subsequent rounds, the home team will be determined by the toss of a coin or the National Lottery bonus ball (odd or even).

4 The home team will be responsible for submitting a correctly completed results card. For the Semi-Finals and Final, one results card from each team is required.

5 All teams are responsible for paying their own green fess in all matches in the Knock – Out Cup regardless of who is the home team. The Semi-Finals and Final green fees will be paid by RCCGBA.

6 The home team shall advise the Registrar if the away team will not agree to play on, or before, the specified date for that round.

7 Matches not played on, or before, the specified dates will result in one or both teams being removed from the competition. The Executive Committee's decisions on such matters are final.

8 For all Knock – out Cup games up to the quarter finals, the home team must vacate the green 15 minutes before the starting time to allow the away team to have a roll up. The away team shall have the Jacks. If two teams that share a green are drawn to play each other then the Jacks must be shared. Captains to decide on Jacks.

9 For the Semi-Finals and Final, neither team is allowed a roll-up before the match.

10 For matches on neutral greens, no player is allowed to play on the allocated green within seven days of the fixture, unless a scheduled league match takes place within that period.

11 For the Semi-Finals and Final, the team captains shall toss a coin to determine who has the first Jacks. The winner of the toss will decide on whether they have the first jacks for the odd or even cards.

12 Players wishing to play in the Midweek Cup must have played in at least one Midweek League match for their team up to and including the Quarter-Final. To be eligible to play in the Semi-Final and Final, players must have played at least four games for their team.

13 The winner of each match in the Knock-Out Cup shall be decided on aggregate scores. If the match is a points draw, the team with most won games will go through. If both teams have also won three games, the two captains shall toss for the Jack, then choose one of their players to play head-to-head up to five points. The team that reaches five points first shall be deemed the winner.

14 The registration rules for players that apply to league matches shall also apply to matches in all rounds of the Knock-Out Cup.