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Step 3 - Return to Play

The latest update on the regulations that will apply to the game of crown green bowls has just been issued by the British Crown Green Bowling Association. A full copy of this document can be downloaded from the "Information download" section of this web site, along with the documents that were issued for Steps 1 and 2.

All clubs should have received a copy via South Yorkshire, but it will be your responsibility to make yourselves familiar with its contents.

Most notably, car sharing will be permitted, indoor hospitality can resume and spectators will be allowed - although there will be a limit of 30 people in total on and around the green.

April 25, 2021

2021 fixtures

Fixtures for the Midweek, Friday and Saturday Leagues have been distributed to team captains and club secretaries (subject to the latest contact information we have) this afternoon. PDF copies of the fixtures are now available on this web site via the "information downloads" link. The fixtures are also available on the relevant league pages.

Please note that the Vets League fixtures are not yet available.

April 25, 2021

2021 season update

Thank you to all clubs for responding to our questionnaire and team entry email, and for the views and details given.

A committee meeting of the RCCGBA has been held and we have taken your views into account. To reflect the situation and wishes of clubs, our original intentions have been amended.

Our priority this year is to get everyone back playing bowls in an environment that we are all comfortable with. This past year has been exceptional and we hope our arrangements will help in resuming some normality this summer.

The following will therefore apply this season.
1 – The season will start on Monday, 17th May with the Midweek League. Friday matches commence on 21st May, and Saturday matches on 22nd May.

2 – It will be a competitive season, with promotion and relegation to be applied at the end of the season. Teams not entering this year will be treated sympathetically if they re-enter teams in 2022.

3 – All cup competitions are suspended for this year to prioritise league games and to enable the season to end in mid-September.

4 – We appreciate that evening matches in September will be affected by the evenings drawing in. Please consider moving those matches to earlier in the summer or of having an earlier starting time. That will be for each club to decide, but we urge clubs to make those discussions as soon as possible so alternate date options are maximised.

5 – Matches should only be postponed when absolutely necessary and within the rules of the RCCGBA. Please play matches as soon as possible after the scheduled date so the season can finish on time. No “spare weeks” will be allocated in the fixture list.

6 – Clubs are expected to be familiar with the “Return to Play” documents issued by the British Crown Green Bowling Association and to comply with their rules and guidance. Those documents will be available for download on the RCCGBA web site via the “Information Downloads” link. All social distancing must be followed, sanitising made available and carried out etc. The maximum number of people attending should be enforced and ‘track and trace’ records kept.

7 – Equipment should not be shared unless absolutely necessary. To help with this, FOR THIS SEASON ONLY, we will allow out of date jacks to be used to enable each player to have their own jack. In-date jacks should be prioritised. Players should measure their own ends and use their own tapes if possible.

8 – Due to current restrictions, a mid-season meeting of the RCCGBA will not take place, as indoor meetings are currently not allowed. We plan to hold an end of season meeting and a Presentation Evening – dates to be confirmed. The usual schedule of meetings will resume in 2022, but any urgent issues should be referred to a committee member for attention.

9 – We must point out that car sharing is currently not allowed under the BCGBA guidance. The government’s guidance on safe travel should be referred to if necessary.

Discussions with two clubs have to be completed before fixture lists can be issued, but we hope that fixtures will be released no later than next weekend (24/25 April).

April 16, 2021

News - 2021 season planned to start 30th April

After holding a virtual committee meeting of the RCCGBA on Monday afternoon, we are pleased to announce that we are planning to start the 2021 season on Friday, 30th April.

The decision has been taken following BCGBA issuing further guidance last Friday evening.

We have today written to every club with a team in our leagues. We need a response by no later than 12th April in order that we can achieve the planned starting date.

We intend to commence fixtures in the Friday Doubles League from Friday, 30th April.
Saturday League matches will begin on Saturday, 1st May.
Midweek League fixtures will start from Monday, 3rd May.

These dates are subject to responses from our member clubs.

Due to the guidance issued by BCGBA, the Friday Doubles league will be changed for this season only, to comprise THREE pairs of players, instead of the usual four. This will allow us to start the season as close to on time as possible; it also may have the advantage of some clubs being able to enter a team this summer, as some of their players may not wish to start playing until later in the season.

For similar anticipated player availability reasons, the Saturday League teams will be reduced to SIX players per team instead of the usual eight.

The changes in player numbers for the Friday and Saturday leagues are only for this season and are planned to revert to the usual format of eight players per team in 2022.

For the Midweek League, teams will continue to comprise six players.

With regard to League fees, the RCCGBA committee are pleased to confirm that there will be no further fees due by clubs this season, as the 2020 fees are, effectively being ‘rolled over’ to compensate for the 2020 season being cancelled. Any clubs intending to enter any additional teams will have to pay the necessary fee. If any club has fewer teams entered this season, they will be refunded in due course. This will effectively mean that most, of not all clubs, will not have any further RCCGBA fees to pay this year.

The RCCGBA Constitution stipulates that all players and clubs must be registered with South Yorkshire/BCGBA. As passed at the 2020 AGM, all clubs must submit a copy of their South Yorkshire registration document; we are requesting that all clubs comply by 19th April. As in past years, additions may be made to that player list during the season, but players must be registered before they play their first match of the season - but the ‘new player’ cut-off date of 31st July will still apply this year.

We hope that all clubs will respond promptly to the details requested so that the season can start promptly and everyone can get back to playing bowls.

We will update all clubs at all stages in our preparation for the new season; we ask for your understanding as we are attempting to compress our usual pre-season plans into a much shorter period of time than usual.

Please be advised that our chairman, Tony Gibbins, is unwell and is not to be contacted. Please contact another committee member instead.

To summarise:
12th April – deadline to return questionnaires, including number of teams each club wishes to enter
12th April – deadline for player registrations to South Yorkshire
19th April – deadline for player registrations (copy of player forms sent to SYCGBA) to Rotherham Combined.
30th April – Intended opening of fixtures in the 2021 season.

For 2021:
Midweek League – 6 players per team
Friday Doubles League – 3 pairs per team
Saturday League – 6 players per team
No fees due to RCCGBA for 2021 unless any new teams are entered.

March 30, 2021

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